fuck you Eric Yingling 去你的


refund === chargeback

买前促销闪购 | Promotion flash purchase before you buy
买后删号删鸡 | No service is provided after purchase and the account is deleted
你喜欢暂停机器 | You like suspended
开工单就性欲不佳 | Tickets=Not in good standing
想解封还要交25刀 | 25 dollars to unseal
我通过 paypal 退款,但 crunchbits 从我的退款中删除了 10 美元并关闭了我的工作订单
去你妈的 crunchbits 和 eric yingling
你去舔狗和皮带。 去你的

圣经咏唱 | A poem for CRUNCHBITS

一个账号一个鸡 | One chicken per account
付款只能用批批 | PayPal payments only
超过伍刀别买鸡 | Don't buy if above five dollars
判定停权就争议 | Dispute if account restricted
白嫖半年免费鸡 | free chicken for half year
删号删鸡不扎心 | No worries if account or chicken deleted
不买黄牛溢价鸡 | Don't buy overpriced chicken from scalpers
无脑直冲是傻逼 | Stupid people buy without thinking

你不应该购买CRUNCHBITS的任何服务 | You should not buy any services of CRUNCHBITS

Eric Yingling,今日,你长眠于此,永世不得超生,死也不能瞑目
Eric Yingling.Today, you sleep here. You will never see God. Hell is waiting for you


I need to buy a new sports car. You fools, give me the money quickly


in loving memory of CRUNCHBITS, LLC.

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